Kabel Mini ADSS

Description :

Flat construction containing a G.652D optical fiber path guarantees high product performance and ease of installation reliability of the network plus the low cost of installation and maintenance. It is composed of an SM fiber optic at the core of the cable, protected by a loose tube and two elements, facilitate the anchoring and suspension of the cable.

Application :

Adopted to Outdoor distribution Suitable for aerial,duct and Long distance and local area network communication
Can be installed conveniently and operated simply

No. of cable 2~12 24 24 48
Span 100 M
Fiber Model G.652D
Loose Tube
Material PBT
Diameter 2.0±0.1 mm 2.8±0.1 mm
Thickness 0.30±0.05 mm 0.40±0.05 mm
Colour Nature Blue Orange Nature Blue Orange
Strength Member
Material PBT
Diameter 1.8±0.05 mm 2.0±0.05 mm
Outer Sheath
Material PE
Color Black
Water Blocking Material Water Blocking Yarn
Material Nylon
No. 1
Cable Diameter 6.8±0.4 mm 7.5±0.4 mm 7.8±0.4 9.0±0.4
Cable Weight 40±5.0 48±5.0 51±5.0 68±5.0
Allowable Tensile Strength 2400N 2800N
Allowable Crush Resistance 2000N/100mm
Allowable Crush Resistance 2000N/100mm
Min. bending radius
Without Tension 10.0×Cable-φ
Under Tension 20.0×Cable-φ
Temperature range
Installation -20~+60 ℃
Transport & Storage -40~+70 ℃
Operation -40~+70 ℃
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