Wallmount Rack

Product Features
  • Removable side panels, easy to install and maintain
  • Optional Metal cable management
  • Adjustable depth of installation
  • Comply with UL, ROHS certifications
Product Accessories Included
  • Glass door with round hole vented arc door
  • border, red ornament strip, #818 spring lock;
  • 1 hole fan;
  • 1pc fan 220V with wire and Germany plug:
  • 1pc PDU: 6 way Germany plug and Germany socket,switch on/off, 1.5m wire, 16A, aluminum outside;
  • 1 pair L rails of 280mm length
  • 1 brush panel on the top, bottom panel with detachable metal cover;
  • 1pc earth grouding wire of 300mm;
  • 4pcs M10*80 dynabolt
Model NoSizeHeight (mm)Widht (mm)Depth (mm)Weight (kg)
Materials SPCC cold rolled steel
Structure Welded frame
Static Loading Capacity 70KG
Thickness Mounting profile 1.5mm Others 1.2mm Side panel 1.0mm
Surface Finish Degreasing, Silanization, Electrostatic Spraying
Lock Small round lock
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